XanCP Spray

XanCP® Spray, a dietary supplement, is a nano-liposomal, water-glycerine mixture of plant extracts: hop inflorescences, rich in flavonoids, mainly xanthohumol, turmeric containing curcuminoids and black pepper containing piperine.

Xanthohumol helps protect the body's cells against harmful free radicals. It has a relaxing effect and improves mental and physical well-being.

Curcuma longa (curcuminoids) supports the functioning of the heart, liver and bile ducts. Contributes to digestive comfort.

Black pepper (piperine) helps control body weight. Supports digestion and absorption of nutrients. Together with turmeric, it supports the functioning of the nervous system.

How to use:

The recommended daily dose: 2 times 5 sprays of the product. Direct the aerosol under the tongue and press 5 times (0.5 g of product each) twice daily. The daily dose is 1.0 g of product.



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XanCP Spray

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